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Plastic welding machines

We have been developing, manufacturing and selling high-frequency plastic welding machines for over 35 years – machines that are outstanding for their high quality and reliability.

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hf welding machine, High frequency generators and Plastic welding machines

Spare parts and accessories

From us, you can obtain all the spare parts and accessories you need for our machines from a single source.
We can even supply spare parts for older machines.

We can refurbish your machines in our factory or at your premises as required.

spare parts, Impulse machine and Hf tube
Our team

Our service team can assist you quickly and competently.

All our customers in the automotive industry have learned to appreciate our fast response times.

Heinz Schirmacher GmbH, Otto-Hahn-Straße 7, D-22946 Trittau, Telefon: (0049) 04154 / 86 16-0